AIRWAY HEIGHTS WATER: still not safe to drink


The latest update on the Airway Heights water crisis was released Friday morning and according to the Airway Heights Fire Department, the most recent test results show that the water is not safe to drink. 

AIRWAY HEIGHTS WATER CRISIS: What you need to know

Fire Chief Mitch Metzger released the following statement Friday morning. 

"The third round of water testing has been received by the City of Airway Heights. A total of 20 samples were collected from various locations throughout the city. The distribution system still has 4 samples that ranged from 85 – 141 PPT. The rest of the samples showed “non-detect” or significantly below the EPA advisory level of 70 PPT. One sample located in the industrial area has been isolated and listed at 1245 PPT. This area is able to be valved off and drained in order to remove the contaminants. Until we announce that the advisory is lifted, do not drink city water nor use city water for cooking. The tap water is safe for activities where water will not be ingested, such as bathing, doing laundry and washing dishes.

A combined 25 million gallons of water have been flushed during the last two weeks. The results show that the flushing is accomplishing the removal of the PFOS/PFOA from the city’s distribution system. The City’s Public Works Department will continue to flush the distribution system as well as the industrial area over the weekend and collect samples on Monday June 5, 2017. The samples will be sent to the Anatek Laboratory in Moscow, Idaho and results should be available mid-week.

The city, in partnership with Fairchild, will continue to provide bottled water at the distribution site behind Yokes in Airway Heights. Citizens that are homebound can call the Airway Heights Fire Department (509)244-3322 or the Airway Heights Police Department (509) 244-3707 and request a delivery during the weekend.

Once again we would like to thank the citizens for their patience and all of our partners that have helped with the process." 

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