Search for missing exotic pet goes viral

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SPOKANE, Wash. -It's not your typical missing pet. A Medical Lake family's pet ram has gone missing after it escaped a family member's yard in the Dishman Hills area in Spokane Valley

The ram, known as Ram-Chop, has been missing for more than a week and the Bendewald family just wants him home, so he can be back with the rest of the flock. "

My oldest son is pretty upset about him being gone, "said Kellie Bendewald.  

Kellie's husband took Ram Chop over to a family member's house so he could mow their lawn, but Ram-Chop had other plans.  

"He stayed all day and at about five o'clock in the morning he decided this is for the birds and I guess he just rammed through the fence," Kellie said.

When they got that call, Kellie's husband and a couple of buddies decided to hit the hills to find Ram-Chop.

"They followed him over to the Dishman Hills and they chased him around for hours," said Kellie

They eventually lost sight of him, but others have spotted him in the area. Marrie Douglas, who lives in the Dishman Hills area, took cell phone video of the now famous Ram-Chop.

Ram-Chop is not dangerous, he's just really hard to catch. According to Kellie, she hopes he has not hoofed it too far. "They kind of stay in the same areas they don't really wander too far. I mean he's been in the Dishman Hills for over a week."

Kellie also thinks that Ram-Chop is, "Probably having the time of his life out there." 

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