Body of Spokane man found at Palouse Falls

The body of Cade Prophet was found at Palouse Falls


Officials have confirmed the body of a Spokane man who fell off a cliff while trying to take a selfie at Palouse Falls State Park with his girlfriend has been found. 

Friends and co-workers identified the man to KHQ as Cade Prophet.

Prophet's body has been found, according to officials, and a recovery mission is underway. 


Sheriff's deputies tell us a recovery operation is now underway at Palouse Falls where a man from Spokane has drowned.

Detectives say the 25-year-old was trying to take a selfie with his girlfriend above the falls when he fell about 35 feet off the back side of a cliff. Deputies say they don't know if he went over the falls, so rescue teams have been looking above and below it.

Because the water is moving so quickly, search crews may have to wait until Tuesday to start searching underwater. Crews say they have a general area they plan on searching, but if his body isn't there, it could take longer to find him.

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Dive Rescue and Search and Rescue crews are looking for a man who fell over a cliff at Palouse Falls State Park on Monday.

Franklin County Sheriff's Deputies say the 25-year-old man from the Spokane area was trying to take a selfie with his girlfriend when he fell above the falls off of the back side of the cliffs.

It happened around 2:30 Monday afternoon and the man hasn't been seen since. Dive rescue crews are assessing the safety of the water before crews enter the water to search for the man.

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