Airway Heights water is still unsafe to drink

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The City of Airway Heights says as of Friday afternoon, the water is still unsafe to drink. 

Officials received the test results from the Anatek laboratory in Moscow, Idaho and says out of 17 samples taken throughout the system, 11 of them came back as either "Non-detect" or below EPA levels. However, 6 samples came back with with high PPT levels ranging from 82-857 PPT. 

"The good news is that the flushing is working," said Kevin Anderson, Public Works Director. "Unfortunately, we need to perform more of it over the holiday."

The city will resume flushing the system this weekend at various locations and samples will be collected early next week with results hopefully available by the end of the week. 

Until the advisory is lifted, citizens should not drink city water or use it for cooking. Bathing, doing laundry and washing dishes is ok. 

In partnership with Fairchild Air Force Base, Airway Heights will continue to provide bottled water at the distribution site behind Yokes. Citizens that are homebound can all the Airway Heights Fire Department at 509-244-3322 or the Airway Heights Police Department at 509-244-3707 and request a delivery during the weekend. 

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