"Alert Spokane" app helping to keep you safe

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The Manchester terror attack is sparking fears close to home. The Ariana Grande concert bombing left 22 people dead in England, sending shock waves globally, including here in Spokane. So how are we protected from a horrific attack like this?

From dump trucks blocking intersections, to enhanced screening at stadiums. These security measures have been put into place to keep you safe.

"We have people who are looking at the intelligence that comes in from our neighborhoods, from our citizens and we keep an eye on information that we get that may indicate that somebody is up to some kind of an activity," said Captain John Nowels of the Spokane County Sheriff's Office.

Police depend on the public for information about people who might want to do harm to their community and beyond.

"It's key that our citizens know that we depend on them to provide us with information about suspicious activity and such. it goes back to that whole 'see it say it' campaign,"Nowels said.

For years, "see something say something" has played a vital role in keeping Spokane and other parts of the country safe, and this week law enforcement showcased a new Alert Spokane app that, among other things, they believe could help bolster their fight against terror. 

"This system allows us to push more information and more complete information to specific areas and to broader groups if we need to."

With big events coming up in Spokane, like the summer concert series at Northern Quest, Hoop Fest and more, local law enforcement is prepared to use every tool and resource available to keep us safe.

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