Spokane cat is probably bigger than your dog


An average house cat weighs between 7-10 pounds but one Spokane woman has a cat whose size is almost unheard of.

Not your normal house cat, Ollie is a Savannah cat, a hybrid breed that's a cross between a serval cat and a domestic cat. So while it's not surprising that he's bigger than a domestic cat, his size is still shocking.

The average Savannah cat weighs 8-20 pounds but Ollie... he weighs almost 41 pounds!

Many might look at Ollie and be concerned for his health, but his owner Britney says he's as healthy as a horse. "He even stumps the veterinarian! He's just a really big cat! I've been told he could possibly go on a diet, but I don't overfeed him." Britney, who owns that cat says Ollie gets one cup of food a day. She does have to make sure to put the dog food up though because he will eat her German Shepherd's food if it gets left out.

Britney says when she decided to get a cat five years ago, she knew she wanted a big breed. She found Ollie from a breeder in Tacoma and while she knew she was buying a big breed, no one thought Ollie would get as big as he is today.

"As a kitten he was about the size of a regular house cat when I brought him home but he had so much extra skin. We'd always say, 'what's he going to do with all this skin?!' Well... he grew into it, that's what he did."

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