Spokanites savor springtime sunshine


The weather on Sunday is what we’ve all been waiting for.

The flowers at Manito Park are popping up and people are all over enjoying the sunshine.

“Work all week and come home on the weekends and have time to do stuff with your families it's awesome. I mean we've had such a long winter. So it's really great to have this weather,” says Patrick Lowden.

Over at Audubon Park, it’s the same story. Erika Summers says the sunshine is a welcome change.

“We woke up and it was gloomy yesterday so we decided to come out and enjoy it,” she says. “We're from Phoenix so this is amazing because in Phoenix it's already 110 degrees so you can't go outside to the park.”

They’re planning on staying outside all day long. And for the Summers family, it might not be a choice.

“Our little one's over there playing. She doesn't want to go home,” Erika says. 

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