Restaurants close due to water contamination


AIRWAY HEIGHTS, Wash. -Some restaurants in Airway Heights have closed their doors due to the water contamination crisis.

Wolffy’s Hamburgers was just one of several restaurants with a notice posted on their front door. 

But not every restaurant remained closed, even when the City told them to stop using the water to cook. 

“That's a big part of a business, you need water for anything and everything,” said La Presa Authentic Mexican Restaurant manager, Clint Hernandez. “Ice, you can't use that, there are fountain machines, you can't use that. In these times everything is a problem.”

But instead of shutting their doors, Hernandez came up with a way to stay open, and it started with a phone call to their sister restaurant in Grand Coulee who has delivered everything they need.

“A lot of stuff that's prepped, that’s what they're bringing to us,” said Hernandez. “So we can finish the process out here with what we have.”

Hernandez also bought gallons upon gallons of bottled water to serve to customers, or cook with.

It's a lot of extra effort Hernandez says is well worth it.

“When things like this happen you got to roll with the punches,” said Hernandez. “I had a catering order you saw. He came in on Monday, we talked about it and he has to feed 20 plus people. I have to open my doors because it was an agreement. It’s difficult for people without water to go the extra hassle at their homes. We'll do the steps for you, we’ll take care of you, we'll cook for you.”

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