Steps you can take to protect from ransomware


SPOKANE, Wash. -There are steps you can take to prevent your computer and your data from being attacked by something like Wannacry ransomware.

1. Don’t open email attachments from suspicious senders. You can usually tell if it’s not a verified sender if the English isn’t great.

2. Enable file extensions on your computer. That way you can see what file type you are opening, especially if it’s a file from someone you don’t know. You should avoid opening extensions like “.exe,” “.vbs,” and “.scr.”

3. If you’re using XP or an older version of Microsoft, now is the time to update that software.

4. Make sure you’re using an antivirus program.

5. Have a good backup. You can use the cloud or an external hard drive. Back it up weekly, that way if your files get attacked, you still have what you need.

6. This might be the most important one. Make sure you keep your computer updated. The best way to do that is to enable automatic updates so you’ll get those security patches that’ll prevent hacks like this Wannacry one. 

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