Bo Kirk's memory lives on through acts of kindness


SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. -We all have our morning routines, breakfast shower, and coffee.

Brian Beeler’s routine includes a stop at Shotzy’s.

“Got a little bit surprised when I pulled up to the window,” Beeler said.

Surprised is one way to describe it.

“I was handed a card and told that the person in front of me had paid for my coffee,” he said.

The card honors Bo Kirk, who was killed in October 2016.

It reads, “This random act of kindness was given in memory of William ‘Bo’ Kirk.”

“Out of tragedy comes a little bit of hope,” Beeler said.

Hope, to brighten someone else’s day.

We joined Beeler at Ron’s Drive-Inn in Spokane Valley as he went to make someone’s day better.

“I’d like to buy your guys’ lunch today if that’s alright,” Beeler asked two customers in line.

Beeler says it’s the little things, like this, to help use as a lesson for his family.

“I’m thankful for letting me share this message that I get to my kids and my friends and my club, thank you,” he said.

Bo Kirk’s sister, Claudia Jackson, is behind this pay it forward program.

We talked with her today and she told us it’s brings a tear to her eye to see how wonderful it is to see people helping one another.

Jackson also hinted at working on more ways to help keep Bo’s legacy alive.

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