Idaho man gives family new chicks after mauling

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. -After a week of heart break the family who had their chickens mauled by a dog welcomed some new additions to the family. 

Scott Peck drove all the way from Sagle, Idaho, to make a special delivery after seeing KHQ's story Saturday morning. "I felt bad for that little girl and boy because I know what it felt like," said Scott.

When Scott was just 9 years old when his 50 chickens that he had were mauled by a weasel and that has stuck with him ever since

"I am a real softy for animals, especially chickens. I just love chickens."

He has a store that sells them and was happy that he could help. "I just felt really bad. I just felt good if I could give somebody something  and get their life feeling good again."

Ashlynn and her little brother couldn't wait to see the new family members. "It's really exciting because when they're older they are kind of hard to pick up  and when they are littler they're really cute and soft and cuddly."

These baby chicks will be staying inside until they grow a little more. Ashlynn's dad will be rebuilding their chicken coup, reinforcing it so nothing will happen to them.

Ashlynn has a special message for Scott, "Scott is really nice for coming over and giving us those baby chickens and it really made my day because having that dog eat all our chickens is scary ."

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