Service dog recovering after attack in Colbert


Jaeger the German Shepard has been a part of the Douglas family for six years. He's a companion, and a service dog for one family member.

"That dog brings him so much comfort and does stuff for him," said Marie Douglas about her husband's service dog

Monday night, the Douglases eldest son took Jaeger for a walk in their Colbert neighbor when they passed by a fence.

"He came back just a few minutes after he went out the door and he said that a dog attacked him and I saw that his paw was bleeding,"  said Jonny

The Douglases said the dog even grabbed their son's leg. He ended up not being hurt, but Jaeger was a different story.  The family spent the night at the emergency clinic.

"It was just a real intense situation that nobody needs to live through. Nobody,"  Marie added.

They filed a police report and reported the attack to SCRAPS. Nancy Hill, Regional Director for SCRAPS, said that, "SCRAPS animal  protection officers are interviewing both dog owners," and that that are "going to be proactive on preventing it from happening again."

The Douglases are back home with Jaeger - hoping he heals and nothing like this happens to anyone else. 

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