Nurses save man after Bloomsday heart attack


More than 38,000 people hit the pavement to take on the Bloomsday race Sunday, but one of them was lucky to leave with his life thanks to a miracle at mile marker 3.5.

Jerry Stafford’s life nearly ended when his heart suddenly stopped during the race.

KHQ Local News Reporter Joe McHale spoke with his family.

“He got to the 3.5 mile mark and he says he started to get light headed and dizzy,” said Stafford’s daughter, Melissa Pachman. “He says he doesn't remember anything except waking up to people surrounding him and that was after the CPR was done and the AED was done to him to shock his heart.”

The 59-year-olds family says he could have died on the course, but someone was watching out for him.

“He [God] made this nurse pass by at the right time and saved his life,” said Pachman. “A divine appointment we call it.”

Two nurses who were running Bloomsday stopped and gave Stafford CPR until medics arrived. As runners pressed on, Life Flight raced Stafford to the hospital.

“He is such a rock in this family,” said Pachman. “I can't imagine if anything had happened so we want to be here for him and show him we love him.”

Stafford's family says because of those nurses he can continue pressing forward.

“We want to thank this person, hug them, show our appreciation,” said Pachman. “They just don't realize the life they saved, the man they saved is loved by so many.”

KHQ reached out to the nurses to declined to comment on camera, but say the didn’t do anything exceptions, it’s just part of being a nurse.

Stafford is scheduled to have surgery tomorrow afternoon.

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