Fidget Spinners: helpful or hurtful?


A popular toy designed to help kids with ADD focus is causing controversy at a Spokane area school.     

Mullan Road Elementary sent an email to student's parents saying leave the fidget spinners at home.

Mullan Road Elementary Principal Mike McGinnis says they had a plan in place for kids who need it the most.

"We've struggled with that a little bit because we like to use those and they are popular enough that they are effective," said Principal McGinnis.

But now the school is banning the fidget spinner.

McGinnis says just like any fad, a lot of kids at the school had the spinner.

How popular are they?

Fidget spinners now occupy 17 out of the 20 best seller spots on amazon's toys and games category.

"If we've got this many coming to school then obviously we prefer they stay home and we'll figure out some other way to redirect kids and keep them a little more focused," said Principal McGinnis. 

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