Movie money used at Spokane Valley gas station


Jacob Clarke has seen a lot while working at Devine's in Spokane Valley but he has never seen something like this. 

"I was definitely surprised... Not surprised to see a fake counterfeit bill, but more surprised it was a hundred."

Jacob's co-worker got this bill just the other night. But Jacob personally has come across a couple of fake bills in the past. "There's been a couple of occasions," Clarke said.

In small letters the bill says this note is not legal. It is to be used for motion pictures. The feel of this movie prop is very fake. The blue security hologram is not a hologram at all it's just blue ink. Comparing this to a real Ben Franklin, you can just tell this is pure funny money.

"Sometimes we'll have customers, even regulars, that will say 'Well we got this from the bank or the ATM,'" Clarke said.

When Jacob actually has to confront customers over the use of fake bills, "It's kind of a sticky situation because then we have to say, you know we have to take this." 

Devine's is planning on contacting the Secret Service and passing this fake motion picture bill to them so they can further investigate.

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