Spokane business honors stolen gift card


It was the darkest moment a family has had to deal with, only for things to get even worse. First dealing with the death of their father and then suddenly dealing with another kind of lose. But one Spokane company has become a glimmer of hope.

Two weeks ago, a Spokane woman's father died. Her friends at work got together to do something nice for her, getting her a gift card to get something for the family to remember their father with, but she never got it. Until a local business learned what happened.

"We thought it would be nice if she could have something to plant in his memory that the whole family could enjoy," said Teri's friend Stacey Meyer.

Last week Teri got the gift card in the mail, but something was wrong. The $200 gift card that her friends had pitched in to get her, was nowhere to be found. Someone had taken it right out of the envelope.

So Teri's friend Stacey called Spokane Boys Nursery and Landscaping, where they had gotten the gift card, to let them know what had happened and was shocked by their response.

"They said come on down we'll reissue the gift card. I was flabbergasted. Completely blown away and very very excited that they were willing to do that for us," Stacey said.

"I could tell that the lady that called was really devastated that that happened to her friend on top of her losing her dad, so we were happy to help," said Julie Stark at Spokane Boys.

Teri and her mother plan to use the gift card to plant a tree in memory of her father, thanks to her friends and a local business who just wanted to help.

"There's bad people in the world and they do bad things, and it's just really cool when good people step up and try to make that right again. And that's what they did," Stacey said of the nursery.

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