$800 Avista bill for home under construction


It’s hard to imagine that a home with no furnace, water heater, and only two outlets could use enough energy to rack up an $800 bill, but it turns out that’s exactly what happened.

The home, which was partially funded by Habitat for Humanity, is currently under construction in Kettle Falls.

On Friday, KHQ Local News spoke with the public relations manager for Habitat for Humanity, who said he didn’t understand how a the home could use so much energy.

“It's on the high side, but it could be the case,” said Mike Cook, the contractor for the home. “It could be the air handler that caused that bill to be so high."

Cook says the air handler was running 24/7 for two weeks because they had to have the home warm to put in the drywall.

It's not the most efficient method, but Cook says it was the only option available to them.

Habitat for Humanity fully intends on paying the bill, but says the information from the contractor was not what they were initially told. The public relations manager for Habitat for Humanity says they will no longer be associated with the project. 

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