Metallica helps Spokane band after gear was stolen


After one Spokane band lost everything after a gig in Portland, an unexpected group of people stepped up to help.

Shawn Murphy started the band Blistered Earth in 2009. They pay tribute to Metallica almost every weekend. But Murphy was worried that might not be a possibility for the next shows they have lined up. After their show in Portland last week, their entire trailer full of their gear was stolen. They later found the trailer several miles out of town, but it was empty.

The band posted to their Facebook page, asking people to keep an eye out for their equipment. This caught the eye of Metallica themselves.

“I got a call from a representative from Metallica and they put me in touch with the manager,” Murphy says.

The band offered to replace everything that was lost. Murphy sent over a list of those items and he even had a chance to speak the Metallica’s drummer Lars Ulrich.

Murphy says the guys were so gracious. “This happened to those guys too way back when they were first starting out so I guess they kind of have a soft spot for it,” he says.

Murphy wants to thank everyone in the region who rallied around them and shared their story.  

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