Dog walks into Spokane library without owner


So a dog walks into a library. No, it's not a joke. That really happened today in Spokane on the South Hill

The librarian said this isn't the first dog that just wandered in and it's not even the first this year.

The library was actually looking for the owner for a while and put out the call for help on social media- that's how we heard about it.

Earlier this morning the yellow lab apparently decided he needed to catch up on some light reading.

Folks working at the library were happy to see the four legged visitor and made sure it wasn't thirsty.

They tell us believe it or not, this isn't the first time that a dog and even a chicken has visited this south hill library before.

"A dog came running up to me as I was getting out of my car, so I greeted him and noticed that he had a collar and some tags," said Susan Rudder with the Spokane Public Library. "I thought, 'come on in to the library with me and i'll get the phone numbers and contact your humans.'"

We're happy to report that the dog was reunited within an hour with it's owner.

It turns out he lives across the street and got out of the backyard.

 People working at the library say the dog is welcome back anytime. 

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