Buyers in Spokane desperate to find a home


As the home market continues to boom in Spokane, people are doing whatever they can to entice people buy a home that might not be for sale.

Property values continue to soar in Spokane and it’s a sellers market.

Right now the problem many buyers are facing is there aren’t many homes to sell.

“We listed a house yesterday and we already had five offers on the first day,” Mary Jane Frances, a broker at Windermere Real Estate said.

According to the Spokane Association of Realtors, there are over 1,200 homes for sale in the Spokane area.

As the market starts to become more and more attractive, people wanting to start a family here in Spokane might be left to look elsewhere.

“People are knocking on doors, realtors are sending out notices, personal people are sending out notices, investors are sending out notices,” Frances said.

Frances says people have started going door-to-door asking if people would consider selling their homes.

She has advice for those who may be approached.

"Contact a real estate professional that way your not inviting a stranger into your home,” she said.Frances also says by seeking professional help, you’ll also get a real market value for your home.

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