Domestic violence suspect flees north of Spokane

emergency lights and road

Spokane County Sheriff's Office is searching for a domestic violence suspect after he took them on a high-speed chase and damaged a patrol car Thursday evening.  

Deputies say the girlfriend of 33-year-old Sam C. Ingram was worried he would kill her, so she called 911.

Ingram already had two misdemeanor warrants for his arrest.

A deputy found Ingram near Newport Highway and went to pull him over to speak with him.

Instead of stopping, Ingram hit the gas and sped off toward Highway 2 reaching speeds over 100 mph.

Ingram slammed on his breaks in an attempt to turn near Chattaroy Road and lost control, spinning off the road and into the center median.

The deputy stepped in front of Ingram's car, drew his gun and ordered Ingram to show his hands.

Ingram's passenger got out of the car and did as he was told.

Ingram, however, hit the gas and sped off again.

Ingram stopped in a field near East Black Road and took off on foot.

Deputies called in a K9 unit and Air 1, but could not find Ingram.

In addition to his misdemeanor warrants, Ingram faces charges of attempting to elude law enforcement, driving with a suspended license, and a potential domestic violence charge of harrassment.

The passenger in Ingram's car was not charged and released.

The deputy's patrol car has about $750 worth of damage from Ingram hitting it during the pursuit. 

If you have any information on where he might be, please contact law enforcement.

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