Make-A-Wish fulfills Spokane girl's Disney dreams


After enduring multiple treatments for cancer, an adorable 5-year-old girl is getting a happy ending to her Cinderella story. The only thing Aubree wants is to go to Disney World, and on Saturday, her wish came true with a special send off party.

Last July Aubree Ghering was facing the battle of a lifetime.

"It's not like a tumor anywhere else," said Aubree's parents, Amanda and Roscoe Ghering.

Aubree was diagnosed with a rare type of brain tumor called Craniopharyngioma. 

"Her neurosurgeon said it was severely adhered to her pituitary, her hypothalamus and her brain stem," her parents said.

Throughout Aubree's battle, she still put others before herself and not once did she complain to her parents. Her sister played a big role in helping Aubree. Her mom says she stayed happy throughout the process. When Make-A-Wish volunteers and Pawn One in Spokane heard about Aubree's battle, they wanted to help in any way possible.  

"We took it upon ourselves to host a big send off party in our space today," said Meredith Singleton, Vice President of Pawn One.

Aubree's wish of going to Disney World came true. Even Cinderella showed up to dance with Aubree to her favorite song that helped her get through her cancer battle. Now Aubree's tumor is in remission and she's starting to get back into a normal routine.

Aubree and her family will be heading to Disney World in a couple of weeks.

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