North Spokane man swallowed by his backyard


One Spokane man fell into what he thought was a sinkhole in his own backyard. But as Carl Anderson dug more, he realized there was a lot more underneath the surface.

Carl was taking advantage of the sun to mow his lawn, but then, “I kinda dropped into it – big surprise.”

He says his arms caught him from falling all the way through and he was able to crawl out. He would like to know what lies beneath.

“Who knows? It could be an old well,” he guesses.

He’s only lived at this house for a year, so he isn’t quite sure of the history of this property. But as you take a closer look, you see that it looks like a door rotted off and there’s a whole room down there.

“Maybe it's an old root cellar or something,” he says.

We stuck a camera down there to figure out what remains in this room, other than tree roots, rocks, and dirt, it was too dark to tell what else was in there. So maybe it holds some sort of secret.

“Something they obviously buried a long time ago. Maybe Jimmy Hoffa’s down there,” Carl jokes.

Carl plans on digging it out more to see what is there and see if he could use it for anything. We’ll keep you posted.

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