Spokane Spanker reveals himself

Earlier this week, we told you about Spokane Police investigating numerous assaults on the Centennial Trail where women were being randomly slapped on the butt by an unknown assailant. 

On Wednesday, a man claiming to be the assailant showed up at KHQ in downtown Spokane. 

Jonathan Smith had a prepared statement he wanted to read to his victims to show his remorse. Smith admitted to slapping dozens of women on their backsides, saying he "saw butts that he liked and slapped them." 

KHQ did call police to make them aware that Smith was talking with them. Police say they are investigating and Smith himself confirmed he has already spoken with officers. Police told KHQ Smith is a suspect and they know where to find him when they're ready to make an arrest.

In a tearful, 5-minute written statement, Smith told KHQ Local News Reporter Joe McHale why he did it, and what made him come forward today. Tonight on KHQ Local News at 5 and 6, what Smith is offering the women he says he violated.

Watch the apology from Smith's statement in the video player above.

(story, video, and photo: KHQ.com)

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