North Spokane business closes without notice


There's frustration surrounding a North Spokane business called Positive Changes Hypnosis. Over the past few days, customers said they could not get in for their appointments.

"Very baffled," said one customer who wished to remain anonymous. There's currently a sign outside on the locked doors at Positive Changes that no customer expected to see. The sign reads, "In observance of Easter, our center will be closed Good Friday through next week.*

"They actually sent me texts on Wednesday wanting me to confirm that I was going to be here and I did," said the customer. Her appointment for Friday was scheduled for 1:00 p.m.

KHQ waited outside the doors for an hour on Friday and found at least half a dozen people trying to get to their appointment. So what has been happening behind those closed doors? We heard from one employee who wished to remain anonymous. "Last week on Thursday, there was an employee meeting and one of the managers from corporate came in and told us as of 5 o'clock of that day, we were closing our doors and there was no future notice as to what would be happening with the clients and how they would be serviced," he said.

We left messages with the CEO Sheryl Manchester and with corporate. The corporate office in Iowa now has a voice recording that says, "If you are calling for one of the franchise centers located in Bellevue, Washington, Spokane, Washington, Beaverton, Oregon or Boise, Idaho, please leave a message." On the corporate website, listing operating hours, several locations, including Spokane's, are left blank.

We went back to the Spokane business on Monday and knocked on locked corporate doors and the two people who saw us did not open the door and could not answer questions related to the business.  

According to the Better Business Bureau, in the last 3 years, there have been 18 filed complaints. 13 of them have to do with product or service.

As of Tuesday, there are still no answers.

The employee KHQ spoke with also said he has left messages with the corporate office and has not received a call back. The sign on the door at Positive Changes says its closed through this week.  

We'll keep you posted on whether customers are able to return for services next Monday.  

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