Gonzaga campus security warns of Spokane spanker


Two female students from Gonzaga say they're feeling violated and disrespected. They were walking on Centennial Trail over the weekend when a man came up from behind and spanked them.

Campus security says it happened to a total of four people. "It was really terrible and just completely shocking," said one of the female students. The two Gonzaga seniors KHQ talked with didn't want to be identified, worried that the man will come back.

They were enjoying a simple Saturday, taking a break from studying, when the unthinkable happened.

"This man rode up on his bicycle and came up as fast as he could and slapped me," she said.

He hit her on her backside. She says she bent over because she was in so much pain. He then sped off. They say he looked back at them to check their reactions. "He just really clearly seemed pleased with himself which was just really disgusting," said the other student.

The slap was so hard they could actually hear it. Just when they thought it had all ended it got worse. They walked over to a nearby bridge and 15 minutes later he came up from behind again, slapping the other female student.

The worst part, they say, it seemed to happen when both of them were alone, secluded from other people on the trail.

"Particularly creepy with that incident was just that there was no real way that he would have come up behind us again without having to like wait and watch for us. It was clear that he was lurking and waiting for us, which makes it particularly terrifying," she said.

This man is described as white, 5’10” with a medium build and brown hair.  He was wearing an orange shirt and dark shorts or pants along with a backpack during two of the incidents and a rainbow bandana in another.

If you've been victimized by him or you know who he is, please give Spokane Police a call.

Below is the original message sent out by Gonzaga Campus Security:

Campus Community,Yesterday between 2:30 PM and 4:00 PM, four GU community members reported being slapped on the buttocks while walking/jogging on either the Centennial Trail (off campus) or on the River Loop Trail (on campus).  All reported that a white male on a bicycle was the offender. He was further described as being approximately 5’10” medium build, brown hair, orange shirt and dark shorts or pants.  He was wearing a backpack in two of the incidents and a rainbow bandana in another.  Anyone being assaulted or witnessing a similar assault is urged to call Spokane Police immediately.  Campus Security

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