Mead school uses lottery for new student enrollment


Your child’s first day of school is supposed to be a monumental moment in their life, but some parents in the Mead School District are still wondering where their little one’s will end up.

Last week, Prairie Elementary School had to use a lotto system for new students due to continual overcrowding in the district.

According to school officials, there were only 16 spots for more than 50 students trying to attend Prairie View next fall.

Students who didn’t get their name drawn will be sent to another school in the district, but which one is still up in the air.

Parents who reached out to KHQ said the principal of Prairie View told them they would call the night before the first day of next semester to tell them what school they will attend.

The district says that’s unlikely the case. They are currently looking into when they will tell parents what school their child will attend, and hope to know by the end of this school year.

Parents can voice their concerns at the next school board meeting on Monday night..  

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