Spokane man finds feral cat injured by a rope


One Spokane man is warning people to watch out for their pets after he found a feral cat injured by a rope. He thought it could be from a snare trap.

Randi Seaman has been taking care of the feral cats that visit his home for the last several years. One of the cats, who he calls Donette, has been coming by since he was a kitten.

“He started out as a baby, had five brothers and sisters. We tried to have them all captured and fixed, but he was one we couldn’t capture,” Seaman says.

Donette comes and goes as he pleases, but Seaman says when they saw him last, he was dragging a nylon rope. As he looked closer, he saw that the rope wrapped around Donette’s body, and was tightly squeezing him. Randi and his wife tried to cut the rope off, but Donette somehow got away. On Sunday, Donette came back and they got him into a cage so they can get him help.

“He's really like part of the family. He stays outside and roams all the corridors around here and gets fed. People like taking care of him but somebody obviously doesn't like him or something,” he says.

Randi doesn’t believe this could be an accident. He has cats of his own, and can’t even imagine what it would be like if this happened to them.

“You worry about them getting caught like that. We love our animals like kids.”

Randi says he’ll get a vet to come out or take Donette to the vet Monday morning.

Randi set up a fundraiser for Donette: https://www.gofundme.com/snare-trap-cat

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