Spokane family searches for owner of lost ring


A young girl found a beautiful men's ring at a North Spokane car wash earlier this month. Despite a full name being engraved on the inside of the jewelry, she and her family have been unable to track down the owner themselves. They contacted Help Me Hayley for assistance.

Hayley went to take pictures and video of the ring. It is black and silver, with 2006 on one side and RFL on the other. An eagle is engraved on that same side. The name Frank Meier is on the inside.

"It's white gold, there are six diamonds in it," said the girl's grandmother.

"We want to give this back to the rightful owner," said Alora Morrow. "If I lost something, I'd want someone to help give it back to me."

The family is hoping one of our viewers will recognize the ring and connect them with Frank. If you can help, email hayley.guenthner@khq.com.

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