House tumbles into river in Ferry County

house in river

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The Ferry County Sheriff's Office tells KHQ that with six feet of snow still in the mountains and four feet of frost underground, they are preparing for a flooding disaster like they have never seen before. 

"The Sanpoil Valley is currently experiencing the worst flooding in decades," the Sheriff's Office said in a release. 

The carnage can already be seen in photos the Sheriff's Office posted on their Facebook page (MOBILE USERS CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS), which shows roads flooded and washed away. The Sheriff's Office also posted two photos of a house that is tilted halfway into the Sanpoil River off of Highway 21. The Sheriff says the house, as of 72 hours ago, is still tilted that way. 

Residents living near steeps slopes should be on alert for rock or mud slides. Burn scars in steep terrain will be more prone to slides and debris flows. 

Residents in the Sanpoil Valley are being asked to have sufficient water, food and medication in case roads are damaged by flooding and they cannot drive out. 

If you have an emergency you can call the Colville Tribal Police Department at 509-634-2472, the Ferry County Sheriff's Office at 509-775-3136, or you can dial 911. 

This is a story we are currently working on and will update you as soon as we get additional information confirmed.

(story:; photos: Ferry County Sheriff's Office/Facebook)

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