Fake cash used to buy cookies from Spokane Girl Scouts


A local family is furious Saturday after someone used fake cash to buy Girl Scout cookies in a Spokane neighborhood.

Two Girl Scout sisters have been working hard to sell boxes of their delicious cookies, from Savannah Smiles to Do-Si-Dos, until someone ripped them off.

"We were super duper close to getting our goal, but we got scammed and someone stole from us," the sisters, Justyce and Jurnee, told KHQ.

Someone gave them three counterfeit $20 bills at the Rosauers in Browne's Addition Friday.

"The first one, I was shocked because I've never seen a counterfeit bill, by the second one I was pretty mad," mother Tiffany Mayo said about the fake money

When Tiffany noticed the third fake bill, she was outraged that someone would take advantage of innocent Girl Scouts. To the eye the bills look like they're the real deal. "They look very, very genuine," she said.

But when you take a closer look and put a light up to the fake bills, there are no security features. The real ones have a portrait watermark and a security thread.  Additionally, the fake 20s all have the same serial number of ML33337489-H. 

Tiffany plans on contacting the Secret Service to report the fake bills. Jurnee and Justyce have a message for this scammer, "if you're watching this I hope that you don't do that anymore because it is disrespectful," the girls said.

Counterfeiting U.S. money carries fines of up to $250,000 and twenty years behind bars.

For more info on how to authenticate your money, click here: https://www.uscurrency.gov/ 

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