Getting your stolen property back from SPD & SCSO


Every now and then, law enforcement (Spokane Police, Spokane County Sheriff's Office) sends us photos of found items, or recovered stolen items they are trying to reunite with rightful owners. 

Often times, those stories do quite well for us because let's face it, many of us have been or at least know someone who has been the victim of a property crime. Law enforcement could probably send us photos every week of items they are trying to get back to their owners. 

On Thursday, KHQ's Joe McHale got an inside look at the evidence locker where a lot of recovered items sit in a sort of purgatory. You might even have some property sitting in this "Island of Misfit Recovered Property." But you have to be able to prove it's yours. 

If your stuff is stolen, missing or found, you can get it back in a timely manner, if you have the following information: 

  • Serial number
  • Driver's license number & state abbreviation engraved on item
  • Specific details about missing item

If you see anything in the photos above (MOBILE USERS CLICK HERE) that you think may be yours and can prove it, you can call the Spokane County Sheriff's Office at 509-625-4130.

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