Concerned over parties in Spokane foreclosed home


Neighbors are at their wits’ end. They say teens took over a foreclosed home and are throwing parties constantly.

They asked not to be identified, but they say the neighborhood is generally quiet, and a family-friendly one. But since this house became empty in December, the issue has just been growing. Neighbors estimated that there were about 70 people at the most recent party.

They say it’s not just the trash on the ground. “Partying all hours of the night,” they say. “Drinking, drugs, broken bottles everywhere, puke on the ground, trash, people running up and down the streets screaming profanities in the middle of the night…”

Snapchat videos also show the damage the neighbors are talking about. There’s one video that shows someone kicking in the drywall.

“This shouldn't be happening. It's disrespectful. It's scary that these kids have no respect,” neighbors say. “You're afraid to sleep.”

Spokane police officers met with neighbors and told them officers can legally kick them out once the owner gives the go ahead. But the challenge in this particular case is this house is in foreclosure, so there could be multiple owners and multiple liens. They say the best thing to do now is to continue calling Crime Check and Code Enforcement on this home because if there are enough calls, the house can be tagged a nuisance property.

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