Unstable ground in Wandermere Estates

Wandermere Estates

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Extremely wet and shifting ground has homeowners in one north Spokane neighborhood on edge after at least two homeowners have been told to evacuate.

A sign posted on one of the homes reads, "This facility has been inspected under emergency conditions by Spokane County Division of Building and Code Enforcement. Warning: This structure has been damaged and its safety is questionable. Enter only at own risk. Aftershocks or other events may result in death or injury." The sign is dated March 29, 2017.

A home buyer told KHQ that he spoke with geologists on scene taking soil samples. Those geologists told him at least one of the homes will have to come down. He also said one of the homeowners has already evacuated the property.

Images sent to KHQ show some of the damage to the homes. One home has come up off its foundation and pieces of the siding have split apart. Most alarming, however, are wide cracks and crevices that are appearing in the yards of the homes, as if the earth were starting to split directly underneath them.

These homes both sit on the first level of the tiered neighborhood which was built into a hillside. The homes directly overlook the Wandermere Golf Course.

Access to the golf course cart path has also been closed. A barrier has been set up and a sign reads, "Danger!! Do Not Enter Cart Path! Unstable Ground And Falling Debris!"

KHQ reporter Joe McHale went to the scene and confirmed that geologists are taking soil samples. They told him the ground is extremely wet and unstable. They were not able to comment further though and told KHQ to contact the home owners association, which they are attempting to do. We will have more on this story in the coming days.

(story: Nichole Mischke, KHQ Right Now Reporter, KHQ.com; photos: KHQ.com)

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