Did Spokane cat killer suspect confess on Facebook?


Did a person of interest in the recent Spokane cat killings just confess? That's the question ever since a post hit social media.

The post was made earlier on Tyler Engstrom's account, but it was deleted within hours.

If you’re unfamiliar with the case, this all began back in August. A Spokane couple found a cat wrapped up tightly in USB cords under a pair of shorts in north Spokane. Then, there was a second cat found up wrapped in cords, wrapped in a sweatshirt, in a man’s yard close by a few weeks later. In November, three cats wrapped in duct tape were found dead, also in north Spokane. Witnesses have told KHQ that they want whoever did this caught as soon as possible. 

Wednesday's post reads in part, "I just wanted everyone to know that the rumors about me being the suspected serial cat killer are true." It goes on to say he'll kill more cats because he gets a thrill from it. But the post may not be enough for an arrest. That's because anybody could have made the post from Engstrom's account. You could assume it was Engstrom because it's on his Facebook wall, but that's all it would be: An assumption.

In fact, in a later post, he claims his account was hacked and he didn't write the shocking post.

That's not enough for SCRAPS to submit a charge request to the Spokane County Prosecutor's Office.

SCRAPS says they have been flooded with emails regarding the case and say they are continuing work on all those leads.

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