Concrete bulldog stolen from Liberty Lake home


A beloved bulldog that's gone missing couldn't have walked off on all four paws.

Last Thursday, Patrick and Diana Webster had a Gonzaga get-together with some friends at their home in Liberty Lake to watch the Zags take on West Virginia. It was when their friends were leaving after the game that they noticed their bulldog was missing.

"They actually noticed and pointed out to us that the bulldog was gone," said Patrick.

Someone had apparently gone up onto their front porch and taken their statue. They are both surprised that their faithful bulldog of fifteen years is now missing without a trace. 

According to Patrick, this bulldog had a lot of sentimental value to it. "Twelve years ago her sister's children gave it to her as a gift," said Patrick about the bulldog.  

The concrete canine weighs close to 100 pounds, he's gray in color with a clear coat finish, and stand's at about a foot tall to a foot and a half wide and is about two feet long.

Patrick and Diana both just want their concrete bulldog back "We don't anticipate or have a desire for any type of justice to come from it, we'd just like it back," Patrick said.

A police report has been filed and if you see the bulldog please contact Liberty Lake Police at (509) 755-1140.

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