Another truck stuck under Spokane overpass

truck stuck at 16th and HWY 195

(CLICK HERE for more photos of stuck trucks in Spokane)

At this point, it seems like we just need a generic story to post about a truck getting stuck under an overpass in Spokane. It seems to happen so much, we should just be able to fill in the blanks, then plug and play the story. Here's the latest one:

March 29, 2017 - 58 days since the last time a truck was stuck under an overpass in the Spokane area. 

A moving truck became stuck under an overpass just off Highway 195 Wednesday morning. The driver nearly (actually it wasn't even "nearly." They had no chance. The top of the truck was peeled back like a can of anchovies) made it through the overpass at 16th and Highway 195 when the box truck became stuck.

16th west of Highway 195 was blocked causing delays. Inspectors will look at the overpass to check for damage.

In the past, Spokane Police said drivers can be fined $187 for hitting an overpass, though it's unknown if this driver was cited. 

(story:  Cory Howard, Executive Producer Interactive,; photo and video:

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