Melting snow reveals trash along Spokane highways


If you've driven down Interstate 90 lately, you've probably noticed a lot of litter scattered on the side of the road.

But it didn't just magically appear.

According the the Washington Department of Transportation, the trash was actually there all winter. You just didn't  see it because of all the snow.

Now that Old Man Winter seems to be in the rear view mirror, the litter is showing up all around the Inland Northwest.

But the heaping piles of trash won't be around much longer. Volunteers within the state's Adopt a Highway program are getting ready to clean up the sides of the road.

Ed Adamchak with the Post Falls Kiwanis Club are waiting until the weather gets a little better before the group cleans up their strip of I-90 between mile marker three and four.

If you want to get out and help, click here to learn more about the Adopt a Highway program.

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