FLOOD WARNING for Little Spokane River


Flood Warning now in effect until Tuesday March 21...

The Flood Warning continues forThe Little Spokane River at Dartford.* from Wednesday morning to Tuesday March 21.

* At 5:45am Wednesday the stage was 6.08 feet.* Flood stage is 6.50 feet.* Minor flooding is forecast.

Forecast...The Little Spokane River is expected to rise above the flood stage of 6.5 feet by late Wednesday morning and crest near 6.9 feet during the day Thursday. Cooler and drier weather Thursday and Friday should allow the river to recede Friday and Saturday, but more rain over the weekend may push the river above flood stage again Sunday or Monday.

*At 8.0 feet...Several homes will be inundated. Little Spokane River, Golden, and Meadowbrook Roads may be closed.

* At 6.5 feet...Flooding of homes and basements may occur, includingsome residences along Brooklawn and Greenleaf Drives.

* At 6.0 feet...Backyard and field flooding will occurs along LittleSpokane and Greenleaf Drives.

* At 5.7 feet...Pine River Park will flood.

* At 5.4 feet...Pine River Park will begin to flood.

Previous coverage:

Many neighbors near the Little Spokane River and Dartford area are trying to stay ahead of the game with potential flooding. The Little Spokane River could see the worst flooding its had in 20 years. The river is already high.

Jeanette Barrett says she's lived near the Little Spokane River for 55 years. She says it seems like they deal with this every 10 years. This is nothing new to her. She's got her neighbors already sandbagging their homes so they can avoid flooding. However, she wants to remove a bridge in her backyard because she's already had three bridges swept away from high water in the past.

"I have a neighbor that has a bridge and I don't want to knock his out and it's just kind of a nice bridge. I need to put some rails on it," said Barrett.

She had a tow truck come out and try to get the bridge out but there was worry that the bridge would get swept away.

For now, the bridge remains stuck while she tries to come up with another solution to take it out.

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