Spokane's pothole problem slowly improving


Everyone knows how bad Spokane's pothole problem is. We decided to go out for a drive today to bring you an update and progress report on some of the conditions on the roads.

"Three weeks ago the roads were so bad you'd almost bottom out in your car,"  said Doug Pecha.

This pothole season was one of the worst we've seen and it seemed like everywhere you drove, you were dodging multiple potholes. First up is 29th and Ray, this stretch of road was filled with some of Spokane's worst potholes. It felt like you were urban off-roading when driving over them. It didn't take long for us to hit a few shallow ones. But nothing compared to what it was.

"I think the city is starting to improve the roads, they're not treacherous anymore," said Doug who takes Ray and Freya to work every day.

On Friday, city street crews were making major improvements where Ray merges with Freya. So far so good, but the far right lane is still a little choppy.

Next up on our drive into downtown is 29th and High Drive. This scenic route was bumpy a few weeks ago, but Sunday it was smooth driving. Our final drive  back into downtown was on Grand and we are happy to report that we did not hit a single pothole.

The Spokane Street Department has made improvements to some of the notorious areas of potholes in Spokane and they're going to be continuing that through the spring. 

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