Reported cougar sighting in Spokane Valley


Central Valley School District put three schools on alert and sent an email to parents, telling them that there was a reported cougar sighting.

Some neighbors at 11th and Woodriff say they've seen signs of the cougar; things like snow, covered in blood with chunks of deer coat strewn over the grass.

It makes people like George Hintz think letting his small dogs outside.

I went to fish and Wild Life officials to find out what they think is going on. Candace Bennett, a Wildlife Conflict Specialist, told me that it did look like there had been a domestic dog, coyote, or even a domestic cat at the scene. 

Candace Bennett did tell me that cougar and coyote sightings around here aren't that unusual.

"Because we live in the Pacific Northwest, we should always be on the lookout for any wildlife," Bennett said.

George is taking that information seriously.

“They're definitely nothing to mess around with...that's for sure," George Hintz said.

Until this latest round of sightings is solved - George's dogs will stay inside.  

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