Passenger knocks out STA bus driver

STA bus file photo

An STA bus driver was knocked out by a passenger Friday morning while the driver was training another driver in northwest Spokane. 

STA tells KHQ the bus was making a stop at Alberta and Northwest Blvd. at around 7:05 am. STA says one of their Coach Operators was training a bus driver, who was driving at the time. When they made a stop, one of the passengers went to get off the bus, but then turned and punched the trainer, knocking him out. 

The suspect fled the scene and the driver was taken to the hospital. The driver's condition is unknown at this time. 

STA tells us the suspect has been arrested by Spokane Police, though they haven't been identified.

“Unfortunately, this assault is not an isolated incident. Countless numbers of transit workers are assaulted in many ways every year,” said Transit Union Local 1015 President Thomas Leighty in a press release on Friday.  “Most are the result of a fare dispute, but an alarming number happen just because someone wants to commit violence against a bus driver.”

According to the local Transit Union, a bus driver is assaulted every three days in the United States. 

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