100-year-old Spokane homes set to be demolished


Several homes, built more than 100-years-ago, are going to be torn down in less than a week.

“It was kind of pushed down my throat,” said one neighbor, who didn’t want to be identified. “From what I understand everything is going to be leveled. No option was given to move the homes.”

The homes are located on Grand Blvd. off 31st and 32nd Avenue. The owner of the property, Washington Trust Bank, plans use the land to build a new bank and retail stores.

“Washington Trust is demolishing several homes, the little coffee shop, and the old Brain Freeze/jewelry store building to build a super bank,” wrote Elaine Thorne, a member of the Comstock Neighborhood. “There are citizens concerned about property values, empty buildings, and increased traffic flow.”

A spokesperson with Washington Trust says the previous owner sold them the property.

The spokesperson says they presented neighbors with the plans at a community meeting in February, as required by the City of Spokane.

Washington Trust already has a bank across the street from the proposed site. The spokesperson says the building is nearly 50-years-old, so the new bank will replace it.

Although the homes are more than 100-years-old, they are not registered with the Spokane Historic Preservation Office.

The group says they want to meet with the bank about the possibility to move the homes without tearing them down. Demolition is scheduled for next week.

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