Spokane man undecks the halls one house at a time


Be honest. Are your Christmas lights still up?

If you said yes you’re not alone, and you shouldn’t feel bad about procrastinating, we understand Old Man Winter has probably got in the way.

“Well we're working slowly but surely getting some Christmas lights down,” said Barton. “They’re normally down by the end of January or mid February at the latest, but we’re going on an extended year.”

Aaron Barton is the owner of Clear Images. They're a window washing business, but hang up and tear down Christmas lights on the side.

“We put up lights on just under 100 homes this year,” said Barton.

And nearly three months later, Barton and his crew are still taking them down.

“We've had multiple days where we've woken up to yet another round of winter,” said Barton. “And we’ve had to alter or delay some of our scheduled light tear down plans.”

Barton says the more snow that falls, the more dangerous the job becomes.

“We’re only on flat surfaces right now when there is this kind of snow on the rooftops,” said Barton. “Yeah don’t want any accidents.”

Barton and his crew have about 30 homes left.

They won't get to all of them in the next day or two. By the time they do the gig could become full-time job, even if the snow does finally decides to melt.

“Some people already putting Saint Patrick’s Day lights up,” said Barton. “We can help with that too.”

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