85-year-old Spokane woman hits damaging pothole


In Pearl Meyer's 85-years of life, she's seen a lot of potholes.

"This is the worst year I have ever seen," Pearl said.

Pearl was driving on 2nd Avenue on her way to get an oil change in her car that's when  she ran into a pothole. 

"I hit a pothole and immediately I felt all of this air behind me."

Without anywhere else to go, Pearl hit the pothole -- hard -- which made the rear passenger window on her Buick fall down. So she had her repairman take a closer look at what the problem was.

"He came in with this track that is all bent," said Pearl who was describing what the mechanic found.

The impact caused the the window track arm to bend which then made her rear passenger door window fall down.

The City of Spokane is now filling potholes with hot asphalt since a local plant fired up on Monday.

But it still doesn't save the damage done to pearl's wallet. This repair cost Pearl $300 to fix and she plans on filing a claim against the city for the damage caused to her car.

"It makes me nervous to drive in Spokane right now," she said. 

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