Peaceful Pro-Trump Rally in Spokane Valley


Hundreds of President Trump supporters were excited to gather and take part in the spirit of America rally in Spokane Valley on Saturday.

"I see him as a patriot and he wants to put America first," said Trump supporter Kris Wagner

Kris and other supporters of President Trump showed a lot of love for the president and for the speakers who share the president's vision of the United States.

"The reason that people are here today is President Trump tapped into what is the spirit of America," Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich

That patriotic spirit could be felt throughout the packed rally with chants of USA, American flags waving from the crowd, and some supporters were armed showing support for the second amendment.

"It's impressive to see this many people come together. It's great to see so much red here for Donald Trump," said Kris.

The spirit rally for the president was peaceful and there wasn't a protester to be seen or heard. "I'm actually surprised that there is no protesters here," added Kris.

Many people at the rally were happy to come together in a time of such political divide. There was private security at the event in case any violence did break out. But thankfully the rally was a peaceful one. 

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