Solid Waste workers help Spokane Police

Spokane Solid Waste Dept

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There could soon be some new crime fighters on the streets of Spokane. They've actually always been on the streets, but the crime fighting part is new. The Spokane Police Department is teaming up with the Solid Waste Department to make our city safer.

"We can be more helpful than we already are," said Joe Fuqua. He has been working with the Waste Department for just over two years. "We've had our share of incidents that we've called in."

Over the weekend Joe and some of his co-workers attended a class hosted by the Spokane Police on how they can help on their daily routes "He just kind of wanted to impart a little bit of his knowledge and help us see through their perspective of what to look for," Joe added.

It's not just crime they are keeping their eyes open for. City employees are also trained to recognize if someone needs medical attention.

"Just from a medical perspective if we see anyone that is clearly in need of help we will stop to help them and call 911 if necessary." Joe said.

The city is talking about installing license plate reading technology on the garbage trucks to help identify cars that may have been stolen. But Joe and his crew are appreciative of the class. "It was beneficial for me and all the guys I talked to they appreciate it as well." 

(story and photo: Peter Maxwell, Reporter,

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