Pro-Trump rally Saturday in Spokane Valley

John Charleston has been on the 'Trump train' since day one and thinks the president is doing a great job

“His work ethic is incredible his openness to listen to other people and understand them is quick," Charleston said.

He's pumped up so much about the president - he decided to help organize this weekend's Spirit For America rally in Spokane Valley on March 4th and he's invited hundreds of like-minded people to attend. It's part of several March 4 Trump rallies happening across the country Saturday.

“We are really about giving a place and a voice to the people around here who want to come and celebrate that he is in,” said Charleston.

Not just celebrate - the March 4 Trump event is also intended to send a message to his haters. A counter-protest to all the anti-Trump events we've seen since Inauguration Day.

"They're getting upset because they see all the other stuff going on, they want a place to go and just be together and rally in support of the President," said Charleston about Trump supporters.

Which is not to say everyone is welcome -- Charleston and the other organizers are pushing back hard against social media posts that seek to tag the rally as a gathering of gun-toting racists, "We are about what's good for America and the people who will be showing up here are really resonate with Donald Trump's message," Charleston added.

The rally is scheduled 11 a.m. on March 4 at Center Place in Spokane Valley. Some of the speakers include Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich and Spokane County Prosecutor Larry Haskell. 

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