K9 Laslo captures four suspects on last shift

Spokane County Sheriff K9 Laslo

Spokane County Sheriff's Office K9 Laslo is officially retired as of today (Wednesday), but he didn't go out on an uneventful night. 

Much like Detective Roger Murtaugh in Lethal Weapon, Laslo didn't have an uneventful last day on the force. Sure, he didn't take down a heroin-trafficking drug cartel, or even a South African drug cartel (there were a lot of cartel plot lines in Lethal Weapon movies I'm realizing), but the Spokane County Sheriff's Office says K9 Laslo did manage to take down and capture four suspects on his last night of duty. 

Saturday night, Laslo took down 53-year-old John Fay as he ran on foot following a car chase. Fay was booked on multiple charges and told deputies after his arrest he "should have stopped."

Later in the night, Laslo found and captured three burglary suspects (25-year-old Michael Namet, 39-year-old Teresa Rutter, and 44-year-old David Kropp), after they fled from a stolen car. All three were booked on various charges. 

Laslo concluded the night by saying, "I'm too old for this..." as a sultry saxophone played in the background. 

Ok, that didn't happen. But Laslo has kept our community safe while chasing down suspected criminals for years, and we certainly hope he enjoys retirement. 

"Thank you K9 Laslo for helping keep our community and deputies safe," the Sheriff's Office said. "The team of Laslo and Thurman is well known and loved by our community and while we wish you both well in the future, your presence as a K9 Team will be greatly missed."  

(story: Cory Howard, Executive Producer Interactive, KHQ.com; photo: Spokane County Sheriff's Office)

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