SCRAPS confirms person of interest in cat killings


There is a person of interest in the case of cats being tortured and killed in Spokane, according to SCRAPS.

They wouldn’t name him, but they were able to confirm Tyler Engstrom’s name after a web story went viral, naming him as a possible suspect.

SCRAPS says at this point he’s not a suspect, but because his name came up during the investigation, they would like to speak with him.

If you’re unfamiliar with the case, this all began back in August. A Spokane couple found a cat wrapped up tightly in USB cords under a pair of shorts in north Spokane. Then, there was a second cat found up wrapped in cords, wrapped in a sweatshirt, in a man’s yard close by a few weeks later. In November, three cats wrapped in duct tape were found dead, also in north Spokane. Witnesses have told KHQ that they want whoever did this caught as soon as possible.

SCRAPS does say they investigated extensively and wrote a detailed report which they sent to the prosecutor’s office. The prosecutor’s office decided not to pursue charges because of a “lack of conclusive evidence.”

This does not mean the case is closed though.

“The prosecutor is open to reviewing the case again at anytime if we can bring new evidence forward, particularly that piece of direct testimony. We are actively seeking anyone that knows anything about this case,” says Nancy Hill, director of SCRAPS.

As with any case, if you have information, call SCRAPS and ask to speak with an officer at 509-477-2532.

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